Exploring menopause symptoms, treatments and options
The start of spring brings with it countless new beginnings, and this theme has carried over into the pharma world too, with new drugs, trials and treatments all in the works. This edition features the latest news, from a new clinical trial looking for endometriosis treatments (page 2) and the FDA being sued by some Democratic US states as they try to force the agency to relax restrictions to medication abortions (page 7), to Eli Lilly capping consumer insulin costs at $35 (page 7) and Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant device being rejected by the FDA before its planned human trials (page 12).
This month’s edition also features an article from Rizvan Faruk Batha at Specialist Pharmacy (page 14), who explores the origins and benefits of compounded medication, as well as considering why it might be less common in the UK than elsewhere. Batha focuses on the menopause as an indication for compounded medications, while evaluating the pros and cons of various treatment options and types of hormonal drugs for the treatment of menopause symptoms.
In addition, this month’s issue includes information on the menopause that looks at its impact on sleep and considers current legislation related to the menopause and recent calls for change, as well as the help and support available for those suffering with its symptoms (page 16).
I hope you enjoy the issue, and remember to look out for next month’s issue of Pharmafocus in May.
Betsy Goodfellow