Contents14 – Compounded medication: what do we need to know? Rizvan Faruk Batha from Specialist Pharmacy tells Pharmafocus about the history and benefits of compounded medication and why it’s not as common in the UK as the rest of Europe, North America and Australia16 – Menopause legislation, charities and support Pharmafocus's Betsy Goodfellow explores the current menopause legislation and the calls for change, as well as considering the charities and support available17 – Menopause and sleep disruption Pharmafocus's Betsy Goodfellow evaluates the impact of menopause on sleep and the consequences this may haveTop News 5NICE approved BMS’s Opdivo for lung cancer
6Merck to appeal EU rejection of COVID-19 drug
7FDA sued by US states over abortion pill access
8Sun Pharma recalls at least 34,000 bottles of generic drug
9Wearable sensor helps detect heart attacks
12Sooma receives FDA Breakthrough Device designation for depression therapy device
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