AstraZeneca pays C4X an $11m milestone payment

C4X Discovery Holdings has announced that it has received a milestone payment of $11m from AstraZeneca, which was triggered by the preclinical progress of C4XD’s NRF2 Activator programme.
The initial licence agreement was announced in November 2022, under which C4XD received an initial payment of $2m as well as being entitled to potential further payments up to $400m in preclinical, clinical development and commercial milestones, alongside tiered mid-single digit royalties on future sales.
Currently, AstraZeneca is working on development of C4XD’s former NRF2 Activator programme as an oral therapy for the treatment of inflammatory and respiratory diseases, although the lead focus is chronic respiratory disease.
Clive Dix, chief executive officer of C4X Discovery, commented: “This significant preclinical milestone payment marks the progress AstraZeneca has made in driving the NRF2 Activator programme forward. NRF2 is a challenging target and this achievement provides further validation of our ability to generate differentiated, quality molecules in immunoinflammation. We believe that our unique approach can deliver transformative oral therapies for patients suffering from immunoinflammatory diseases. This is a great start to our year and we are confident of seeing further progress across our entire portfolio in 2024.”