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Genetech and NVIDIA announce collaboration using AI for drug discovery and development

Genentech has announced that it has entered into a multi-year strategic research collaboration with NVIDIA that is intended to pair Genentech’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, biological and molecular data sets and research expertise with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing capabilities and AI in order to speed up drug discovery and development.
The companies are expected to work together to accelerate and optimise Genentech’s proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms and models on NVIDIA DGX Cloud software. NVIDIA will share its computing expertise with Genentech’s teams to improve their platforms.
It is intended that this collaboration will provide Genentech’s teams with new insights for target and drug discovery as well as answering fundamental questions about human biology and disease.
Aviv Regev, EVP and head of Genentech Research and Early Development (gRED), commented: “By harnessing the power of AI models and algorithms, with our unique data and experiments, we're unlocking scientific discoveries with incredible speed and generating insights at an unprecedented scale. Bringing science and technology together has always been a foundation of biomedical break through sat Genentech. We are thrilled to join forces with NVIDIA to further optimise our drug discovery and development to deliver treatments that transform people’s lives.”
Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, added: “The greatest impact of generative AI is to revolutionise the life science and healthcare industry. Our collaboration to create Genentech’s next-generation AI platform will dramatically accelerate the pace of drug discovery and development.”