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Neurolentech and Kaerus Bioscience collaborate on neurodevelopmental disorder research

Neurolentech has announced that it has entered into a technology access partnership with Kaerus Bioscience, with the aim of driving advancement in neurodevelopmental disorder research.
Neurolentech has a focus on epilepsy and related genetic neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) while Kaerus Bioscience is a biotech company focusing on scientific advances into treatment realities for patients who have rare genetic syndromes of neurodevelopment.
The agreement is expected to allow Kaerus Bioscience to ‘access Neurolentech’s NDD Drug Discovery platform and leverage its proprietary cell models and assays for functional screens to drive advances in neurodevelopmental disorders research’, according to the company’s press release.
This partnership is part of Neurolentech’s goal to advance drug discovery for NDDs as well as reinforcing its NDD Drug Discovery Platform as a valuable tool for researchers and industry partners.
Fiona Neilsen, chief executive officer of Neurolentech, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with Kaerus Bioscience in advancing their programmes in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders. Our platform’s unique capabilities offer unparalleled insights into disease mechanisms, facilitating the development of novel therapies.”
Robert Ring, CEO of Kaerus Bioscience, added: “Our partnership with Neurolentech underscores Kaerus’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative platform approaches to accelerating the discovery of treatments for patients with genetic disorders of neurodevelopment.”