Astellas plans opening of new facilities in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

On 9 August 2023, Astellas Pharma announced its plans to open what it has described as a “state-ofthe-art life sciences facility” in DivcoWest’s Cambridge Crossing neighbourhood; the facility will be located at 441 Morgan Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US.
The investment is intended to be a demonstration of the company’s devotion to expanding its research and development footprint.
The establishment will be designed by Ennead and Jacobs Consulting and will have a view of the Charles River. When finished, there will be five outdoor terraces, direct access to a five-acre park, three underground parking levels, a bike room and much more. Astellas plans to have two floors occupied by 2024, equalling around 62,000 square feet.
Mark Roopenian, managing director at DivcoWest, stated: "We are thrilled to welcome Astellas to Cambridge Crossing. Through thoughtful and purposeful design, CX has become home to some of the world's leading life science and biotech companies offering both the built environment forward-thinking companies need for today's research and development, and the vibrant community employees desire. We look forward to Astellas being part of the neighbourhood and a collaborative partner."
Yoshitsugu Shitaka PhD, Astellas’ chief scientific officer, added: "Our new Cambridge space will be intentionally designed to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. By providing shared resources, flexible workspaces and dedicated areas for cross-functional and partner collaboration, the new building will enable our teams to work together seamlessly and capitalise on the diverse expertise both within the company and outside our walls. Moreover, we are excited to create an incubator space through Discovery Accelerator that will provide new opportunities to both support and be a Partner of Choice to highly innovative external organisations."