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J&J MedTech and NVIDIA to col lab or ate for surgic al AI

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) MedTech has announced that it is working in collaboration with NVIDIA to accelerate and scale artificial intelligence (AI) for use in surgeries.
This partnership is intended to support ‘increased access to real-time analysis and global availability of AI algorithms for surgical decision-mak ing, education and collaboration across the connected operating room (OR)’, according to the company’s press release.
The two companies are expected to collaborate for the acceleration of AI for J&J MedTech ’s surgical technologies portfolio with NVIDIA’s AI healthcare platform.
Shan Jegatheewaran, vice president and global head of digital at J&J MedTech, stated: “One of the major challenges in scaling AI for surgery is the closed design of surgical technologies. Bringing advanced edge computing hardware and software to the OR enables scalability of innovation and new AI-powered solutions for clinical decision-making, education and training and collaboration – with the ultimate goal of advancing patient care.”
Tim Schmid, executive vice president and worldw ide chairman of J&J MedTech, commented: “Johnson &Johnson MedTech is advancing healthcare toward a future that’s more connected and personalised. This future will be increasingly enabled by digital technologies that deliver eff iciency, inform decision-mak ing and extend surgical training and education. Our deep heritage in healthcare and digital ecosystem in surgery and NVIDIA’s AI platforms hold enormous potential to create a more connected surgical experience.”