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Carbon-neutral inhaler launched for adult asthma patients in the UK

Lupin Healthcare, the UK-based subsidiary of Lupin Limited, has announced the launch of Luforbec 200/6 (beclomethasone 200mcg/ formoterol 6mcg) in the UK. The pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) is approved for treating asthma in adult patients, and promises significant savings for the NHS, as well as being a carbon-neutral device.
The new inhaler is intended for the treatment of asthma in adults who have previously used an inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting beta2-agnonist (ICS/LABA). The inhaler has the same licensed indications as Fostair 200/6 pMDI and uses the same active ingredients, as well as having an extra fine formulation and similar device characteristics.
The NHS spent over £241m on Fostair 200/6 and 100/6 pMDIs in the year leading up to June 2022, and Luforbec appears to offer savings of up to 30% on this cost. This means that by prescribing Luforbec where appropriate, the NHS could save around £72m annually.
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was undertaken in order to understand the carbon footprint of the new pMDI: Lupin is able to offset the carbon emissions linked to the inhaler, meaning it can be certified as carbon-neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd.
Ben Ellis, General Manager of Lupin Healthcare UK, commented: “We are pleased to make Luforbec 200/6 pMDI available in the UK alongside the already available Luforbec 100/6 pMDI. This provides healthcare professionals with a choice of strengths to help optimally manage appropriate asthma patients, and offers the potential to deliver significant NHS savings. At Lupin we are proud that both inhalers are certified as carbon neutral; this is a positive step for Lupin on its sustainability journey.”