Welcome to the January/February issue of Pharmafocus! 

As we welcome the new year, we look ahead at what 2023 will bring for the pharma industry.
Throughout the year, we will be keeping our eyes on the new drugs that are being reviewed by the FDA, EMA and other regulatory agencies, and will be reporting on the new treatments as they are approved and become available for patients.
This issue includes news stories on the pay disputes fuelling the nursing and ambulance strikes (page 5), expanded access to medication abortions (page 8), new blood tests to detect hidden cancers (page 9). It also includes news on Moderna’s first acquisition (page 10), eco-friendly additions to Sanofi’s manufacturing campus (page 11) and new AI devices to detect CVD (page 12).
Prostate cancer is often in the news, and in this issue we bring you an article that highlights the Let’s Talk Prostate Cancer campaign. Read more on page 13 as Professor Hendrick Van Poppel talks about the new campaign and the new research grants that aim to reduce the impact of prostate cancer across Europe.
We hope you enjoy this issue.
Betsy Goodfellow