Sales & MarketingBoston Scientific fined $42m over patent infringementA five-year legal battle between Boston Scientific and TissueGen has culminated in a $42m fine, which Boston Scientific must pay to TissueGen regarding a patent infringement. The technology in question ‒ extruded fibre that delivers drugs though an implanted vascular stent ‒ was created and patented by Kevin Nelson PhD, while he was a faculty member at the University of Texas. Nelson then founded TissueGen, which, in 2013, launched biodegradable Elute drug-loaded fibres that can be customised to deliver a variety of drugs and fit into a device-maker’s existing materials.In 2015, Boston Scientific followed with FDA clearance for its own Synergy system ‒ a drug-covered stent used to treat coronary artery disease. The court case began in Texas in 2017 when TissueGen and the University of Texas filed a complaint, claiming Boston Scientific had infringed on two patents licensed to TissueGen regarding ‘drug-releasing biodegradable fibers.’In early February 2023, Delaware’s jury voted in favour of TissueGen, stating that the Synergy technology infringed on TissueGen’s patent, meaning Boston Scientific should pay $42m in lost royalties to the company.Nelson, currently the chief scientific officer of the company, commented: “TissueGen does not control what Boston Scientific does with its resources, which are endless by comparison to TissueGen. If Boston Scientific respects the court who provided both sides a fair opportunity to present their cases and the citizens who took time from their lives to render a judgment, the recovery will be poured back into research at UT System and TissueGen to save lives and relieve suffering.”“Boston Scientific respectfully disagrees with the jury’s verdict and plans to appeal,” a company spokesperson has said.