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Brainomix and Bridge Biotherapeutics enter AI partnership

Brainomix – the AI-powered MedTech solutions company – and Bridge Biotherapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel drugs for cancer, fibrosis, and inflammation, have announced a new partnership.
The collaboration will deliver quantitative imaging biomarker analysis within the Phase II study of novel autotaxin inhibitor BBT-877, which has been designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and efficacy in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Under the partnership, Brainomix will leverage its e-ILD technology – automated AI software – which has been trained to process high-resolution chest CT data in patients with interstitial lung diseases, including IPF and other conditions that cause progressive pulmonary fibrosis.
Clinical trials in IPF commonly rely on serial physiological measurement of forced vital capacity as trial endpoints, which can be highly variable from day-to-day for any individual patient. Meanwhile, automated AI-powered quantitative imaging has the potential to significantly improve trial design, improve the chances of identifying a positive treatment response, and accelerate the translation of new treatments into clinical practice. Using proprietary and patented objective imaging biomarkers – and tracking changes over time – Brainomix will provide Bridge Biotherapeutics with valuable insights and additional data on the efficacy and mechanism of action of biomarker BBT-877.
“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Bridge Biotherapeutics, where our existing technology platform and expertise will be leveraged to deliver objective assessment of the efficacy of BBT- 877 in IPF. AI-powered imaging is becoming an increasingly critical component of studies in IPF and more broadly non-IPF interstitial lung diseases, where it has the potential to improve trial insights, and to complement existing trial methodology and endpoints,” explained Dr Peter George, medical director at Brainomix.
Agnes Jung, head of project management at Bridge Biotherapeutics, added: “We believe that the partnership with Brainomix will enable us to generate supplemental efficacy data from our clinical study on IPF patients based on their combined imaging technology and expertise. We expect to gain further insights with regard to earlier prediction of treatment response in patients, as the partnership goes on.” The partnership will also build upon Brainomix’s existing offering to pharmaceutical and medtech partners, where development and deployment of AIpowered biomarkers generate value during clinical development, and can foster broader adoption of existing and new therapies.