NervGen Pharma appoints Dr Matvey Lukashev as Vice President of Research

NervGen is a clinical stage biotech company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the treatment of nervous system damage. They have appointed Matvey Lukashev, PhD, as the company’s Vice President of Research and Preclinical Development.
Paul Brennan, President and CEO of NervGen said, “We are delighted to welcome Dr Lukashev to our team. Matvey will lead an important evolution at NervGen as we emphasise the development of our lead drug candidate, NVG-291, beyond our initial formulation and core indications, and build a pipeline of additional proprietary compounds that address nervous system repair. Matvey has over 20 years of industry experience in discovery and translational research, including 14 years at Biogen where he led target and drug discovery, as well as translational research programs in several therapeutic areas and was responsible for translational research supporting the clinical development of Tecfidera, a multiple sclerosis therapy that reached annual sales over $4 billion. Most recently, Matvey was at the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Massachusetts where he built and led the Augie's Quest Translational Research Center. This experience puts Matvey in an excellent position to lead our research and preclinical development efforts.”