Bausch + Lomb begins TikTok challenge for Lumify, asking customers to ‘dance with their eyes’

A major pharma company has kickstarted a marketing campaign for their new eye drop Lumify, which taps into the current craze for social media platform TikTok. The campaign asks users to dance with their eyes instead of their feet.
Bausch + Lomb is looking to accelerate their marketing with the new LUMIFYEyeDance challenge. The OTC eye drop was approved in 2018 to reduce eye redness, and made over $100 million last year.
The company aims for potentially thousands of people to become more aware of its brand, Lumify, either through taking part in the danceoff challenge, or by viewing the videos.
The hashtag for the drop has “organically amassed nearly 14 million views to date,” according to a press release issued by Bausch + Lomb.
“We believe the Lumify Eye Dance Challenge will help build upon the existing excitement on TikTok and inspire consumers to celebrate what makes them and their eyes unique,” Joe Gordon, President, Global Consumer, Surgical and Vision Care of Bausch + Lomb, said in the press release.
The Lumify challenge was inspired by Salix, marking the first TikTok campaign for Salix, and was focused on constipation. Salix, which sells Relistor for several types of constipation, turned to five healthcare workers who use TikTok in their attempt to break the stigma of the condition.