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€4.9m raised for development of Vivet Therapeutics’ gene therapies

Vivet Therapeutics has announced that it has received €4.9m financing from the French Government for the advanced development of a gene therapy for the treatment of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX), a rare neurodegenerative disease.
The funding comes from the French Government’s ‘Innovations in biotherapies’ framework, which forms part of the France Health Innovation Plan 2030, and will be distributed over a three-year period.
The company intends to use this funding to develop its gene therapy product VTX-806 as an effective treatment to stop or reverse disease progression over the long term, and potentially cure the disease in some patients.
According to the company’s press release: ‘The funding is for the CrisTauX programme which will cover preclinical research and development activities of VTX-806 and includes the manufacturing process development within medicine good manufacturing practices rules and a clinical study aiming at identifying biomarkers for the effectiveness of treatment in patients under standard of care. CrisTauX will enable accelerated clinical development of VTX-806 upon completion of the programme.’
Gloria Gonzalez, chief scientific officer at Vivet Therapeutics, commented: “Our commitment to developing treatment options for metabolic disorders is demonstrated by our lead clinical programme, VTX-801, which targets Wilson Disease,alongsideasecondprogramme, VTX-806, which is in development as a potential treatment option for CTX patients. Our advanced pipeline highlights our ability to provide strong translational support for rare genetic disorders and patients’ needs, notably with the help of the CTX Alliance and the Spanish CTX patient association.”
Anne Douar, chief operating officer at Vivet Therapeutics, added: “CTX is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder that if left untreated can lead to debilitating consequences and a poor prognosis affecting a patient’s lifespan. The funding granted as part of France Health Innovation Plan 2030 will enable Vivet to accelerate the development of a transformative and potentially curative treatment with our gene therapy product VTX-806 for patients with CTX.”