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Diabeloop announces collaboration with Novo Nordisk for connected diabetes treatment

Automated insulin delivery company Diabeloop has announced its collaboration with global healthcare company Novo Nordisk. This includes an agreement that covers integrating Diabeloop’s DBL-4pen self-learning algorithm app for multiple daily insulin (MDI) therapy, with Novo Nordisk’s connected and reusable insulin pens, NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus.
Diabeloop’s app can be used by patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who take MDI injections, while Novo Nordisk’s insulin pens are connected devices with dose memory functions, meaning they can keep a history of the patient’s last 800 insulin injections.
Cécile Ferracci, CCO of Diabeloop, commented: “We are proud to be able to further expand our DBL-4pen interoperability strategy with this collaboration with Novo Nordisk. Our collaboration aims to bring more automated solutions to people with diabetes, optimising their outcomes and improving their quality of life. With DBL-4pen, we have developed an efficient self-learning algorithm for insulin dose recommendation, a significant step forward for MDI therapy, and we are excited to explore this with the innovative generation of NovoPen6 and NovoPen Echo Plus connected insulin pens.”
The companies also plan to launch a clinical programme with type 2 diabetes patients, to assess the efficacy of DBL-4pen, later including Novo Nordisk’s devices to assess the efficacy and clinical benefits of the combined solution.
Pierre-Yves Benhamou, chief medical officer of Diabeloop, stated: “With this interventional, open, single-arm clinical trial involving adults with type 2 diabetes, we aim to evaluate efficacy, safety and also treatment compliance. In addition, we will measure the improvement in quality of life and satisfaction of the enrolled patients and also evaluate the effect of DBL-4pen on the development of HbA1c in the extension phase.”
Thomas Thestrup-Terp, corporate vice president of Digital Strategy and Solutions at Novo Nordisk, added: “We are delighted about this collaboration with Diabeloop – acompany that has a shared ambition of bringing innovative digital health solutions to help people manage their diabetes. Smart insulin pens offer digital connectivity for people living with diabetes and the potential to automatically recommend the ideal insulin dose in real time. This could significantly improve the way diabetes medicines are used. We look forward to the data from the upcoming clinical study, to look at the potential benefits of NovoPen6 and NovoPen Echo Plus alongside DBL-4pen.”