How to Add an Advertisement Widget to Your Universal AppWant your ads to reach your audience? Add an advertisement widget to your Universal App!Are you ready to publish and launch your advertisement on your Universal App? All you need to do is to add an advertisement block on your Designer Tab. So you can start promoting your advertisement and let your audience know about them!

1. Head to the Branding > Designer tab from the sidebar menu, and 2. Add Advertisement on the main layout, by clicking on the + icon and select Advertisement from the dropdown. 3. You can add a Campaign or Advertisements. You can only add one campaign with the targeted audience, with multiple advertisements linked to it, or, you can add more than one advertisement with default campaign, which will be shown to all of your readers alternately as they refresh your Universal App homepage. 4. Save or Save Changes5. Launch your Live Preview from the top-right corner of your screen, to see how it looks on your Universal App homepage.You have now successfully added an advertisement to your Universal App!Want to learn more how to monetize your content? Schedule a short call with us to learn more and take full advantage of your Universal App features!

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