How To Add Collection Slider on Your Universal App

With Collection Slider, you can place and organize your issued magazine and add it to your Universal App (UA) homepage for your readers to easily find and read.

To add a Collection Slider to your homepage, head to Branding > Designer, and click the '+' icon and choose Collection Slider from the drop down menu.
1. Insert the Title of the collection, this can be the name of your magazine with the issued number or month. 
2. Choose the color that will suit your overall homepage design. The color will be reflected on the “More” button located next to the title of the collection on your homepage. 
3. Lastly, on Collections, add the collection of articles that you have created on Content > Collection. Click here to know more on how to create Collection on on your Universal App. 
4. Save your changes.

There will be three collections shown on your Collection Slider on the homepage, with a slide feature for your readers. To see how your readers will view it, click the Live Preview button located on the top-right of the screen, next to the Help Center.
Core Mission

Add Collection Slider on your UA homepage

Branding > Design

Click on the '+' sign and choose Collection Slider. Save your changes.

There are a lot of possibilities that you can do with your brand new Universal App. Feel free to browse and get inspired by them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via live chat or We would love to assist you.