How to Set Up Google Analytics Tracking for Your Universal AppA step-by-step guide to set up GA tracking for your Universal AppBefore you can set up the Google Analytic's (GA) tracking for your Universal App, you will need to create your GA account if you haven't already. Kindly check out the step-by-step guide here to help you create your GA account.

Once your GA account is created, you will also need to purchase the Universal App plan if you haven't already done so. Grab $350 USD value for only $1 USD now.
It's important to note that the Universal App requires the measurement ID, not the tracking ID. Therefore, you will need to create GA 4 property first.1. After you log into the Universal App admin. 2. Hover the cursor over Settings at your left-hand side then click it. 3. Click Tracking.4. Paste your Measurement ID from your GA admin then click Save Changes.If you have no idea where to find the measurement ID, please see the guide here.

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