Manufacturing & Production

PCI Pharma Services announces multi-milliondollar expansion to UK manufacturing facility

PCI has announced a significant expansion of its facility in Tredegar in Wales, UK, designed to help keep up to date with the market growth of powerful, targeted oncology therapies.
The expansion includes two new facilities dedicated to the manufacturing and packaging of solid oral-dose tablets and capsules. A second contained manufacturing building will double large-scale processing capacity, including dispensing and fluid bed granulation of highpotency solid-dose products at a commercial scale. There is also a new multi-product packaging facility with primary and secondary blistering and bottling suites.
“We’re excited to announce the latest expansion in Tredegar that will address the growing and urgent need for specialty global manufacturing services within the oncology arena,” said Salim Haffar, CEO of PCI Pharma Services.
“As the market expands for potent therapies and highly complex, concentrated formulations that can present unique challenges to manufacturing and packaging,” Haffer continued. “We’re proud to be one of the few providers with the global capabilities to manage this specialty at both clinical and, importantly, commercial scale.”
“The rapid evolution of oncology pipelines has coincided with the continued globalisation of clinical development,” commented Rebecca Coutts, PhD, General Manager, Tredegar, PCI Pharma Services.
“This latest investment, along with the existing analytical and formulation capabilities, combines a clinical and commercial scale packaging facility to complement the existing clinical and increased commercial scale manufacturing capabilities, placing end-to-end services for these high-potency molecules under one roof to better serve our client’s evolving needs.”