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Pharmaceutical companies record year-low of robotics hiring in August 2022

17.1% of companies were recruiting in August 2022, compared to 19.6% the same time last year
Latest figures from GlobalData show the proportion of pharmaceutical companies who are hiring for robotics-related roles is dropping.
In August 2022, 17.1% of companies included in the analysis were recruiting for at least one robotics position, compared to 19.6% the year before. In the month previous, July 2022, the rate was 20.2%.
However, analysis of the date by Data Journalism Team shows that “pharmaceutical companies are currently hiring for robotics jobs at a higher rate than the average for all companies within GlobalData’s job analytics database.”
The same was seen in the medical hiring field, with 38.2% in August 2021 compared to 36.8% in August 2022.
GlobalData has highlighted robotics as a major element in the future of pharmaceutical production, stating that companies who “excel and invest in these areas now are thought to be better prepared for the future business landscape and better equipped to survive unforeseen challenges.”
Robotics are used in the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of reasons, mainly focusing on dispensing, sorting, kit assembly, light machine-tending, and packing. According to Pharmaceutical Technology, robots are being redefined as ‘physically embodied artificial intelligence agents’, due to the acceleration of technology in the field. PT’s data tracker also shows a steady increase in robotics-related deals within the pharma sector, furthering GlobalData’s claim that robotics are the future of pharma.