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ResMed buys Mementor for prescription digital health app

ResMed has acquired Mementor to add an insomnia digital health application to its portfolio of products in Germany.
Mementor is the developer of Somnio, a prescription that uses cognitive behavioural therapy to try to improve the sleeping patterns of people with insomnia within three months.
The new deal gives ResMed ownership of the only permanently approved digital health application in the field of sleep medicine in Germany. Approximately 10% of Germans are affected by clinically relevant insomnia.
Access to in-person treatment for insomnia is limited, which has led Mementor to create an app that scales the service and increases accessibility.
In a randomised trial of 56 participants, run by two of the founders of Mementor, use of a web-based unguided self-help programme with automated feedback was associated with significant decreases in sleep-related cognitions, safety behaviours, depression, and somatisation. Some of these effects persisted through a 12-month follow-up assessment.
After Mementor is integrated into ResMed, Noah Lorenz, the co-founder and CEO of the startup, and Katherina Jekerle, will lead the division. Jekerle previously worked as ResMed’s Senior Marketing Director in Germany. Lorenz and Jekerle will work on further digital health developments, according to
The acquisition adds to the digital expertise that ResMed has cultivated in recent years through internal programmes and other takeovers, including its $225 million buyout of connected inhaler company Propeller Health.