Roche announces new data for continuous glucose monitoring system

Roche has shared the latest data on its novel solution for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), including a CGM sensor and two apps designed to present current glucose values and predictions over 30 minutes and two hours.
The apps also feature a risk prediction system for nocturnal hypoglycaemia.
The company is currently attempting to attain the CE mark for the Accu-Chek SmartGuide device, with the expectation that it will launch this solution in certain European countries shortly after gaining clearance.
This data was announced at the 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes.
Dr Marcel Gmuender, global head of Roche DiabetesCare,commented: “We are very excited to present these positive study results of our innovative and differentiating Accu-Chek SmartGuide CGM device for the first time. Providing users with predictive capabilities will empower them to proactively adapt their therapy so they can maintain optimal glycaemic control and prevent dangerous short- and long-term complications. We know from recent research that glucose predictions provide people with diabetes with invaluable insights to navigate the complexities of the disease. This is one element that can help to lower the burden of daily diabetes management.”