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Takeda splashes €300 million to expand plasma-derived therapy production site

The site aims to cut 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025
Takeda has announced that it is investing nearly 300 million euros to build a new production facility for plasma-derived therapies, and a new warehouse, at its existing Lessines site in Belgium.
The new facility will be self-sufficient in electricity as part of the company’s commitment to have net zero carbon emissions by 2030. It will also feature a water recycling system that will cut freshwater consumption by 90% before 2023. The new warehouse will have net zero greenhouse gas emissions.
The Lessines sites and its 1,200 employees currently produce plasma-based therapies that can anually treat more than 300,000 patients with rare and chronic diseases like hereditary angioedema.
The details remain thin, but the new plant will have higher output and will be “even more data and digital driven” than the existing Lessines facility said Thomas Wozniewski, Takeda’s global manufacturing and supply officer, in a statement.
In 2021, Takeda unveiled a plan to more than double its manufacturing space at its Thousand Oaks, California, site, which develops rare disease treatments. The new California plant will feature automation, robotics, and digitisation to minimise human errors. The entire site aims to cut 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, starting with a solar project.