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Triall Partners with Mayo Clinic to show potential for blockchain technology

Triall, a blockchain provider, has joined forces with Mayo Clinic to highlight the use of blockchain technology within clinical trial design and management of study data.
Triall’s eClinical platform will be used to support all main trial activities, such as data capture, document management, study monitoring, and eConsent. This will begin with a two-year pulmonary arterial hypertension trial which will include ten research sites, and over 500 patients, across the US. eClinical enables existing third-party clinical trial software providers to connect to Triall’s blockchain.
The collaboration aims to highlight how Triall’s Verifiable Proof Application Programming Interface (API) can be used to create unchangeable blockchain-registered audit trails, which span from a trial’s start-up, all the way to post-study.
The median cost of a clinical trial in the US is estimated to be around $19 million, with approval rates for new chemical or biologic entities being around 10-20% from the preclinical phase to finish.
“We are very excited to further our collaboration with Mayo Clinic and the team of Dr Chris McLeod. It is wonderful to work with some of the thought leaders within Mayo Clinic and we are confident our collaboration will pave the way towards further innovation and enhanced quality in clinical development, utilising the strengths of blockchain technology where these truly add value,” commented Hadil Es-Sbai, Cofounder and CEO of Triall.
The initial pulmonary arterial hypertension trial is set to begin in September.